Special – 2 for $10 – Country Wheat and Country Spelt, Einkorn or Emmer


Our 2nd Weekly Special: 2 for $10 – 1 Country Wheat and 1 Country Spelt, Einkorn or Emmer

All of my breads are made with Ancient Grains as part of the flour blend and I wanted people to be able to taste bread made primarily of one Ancient Grain compared to a Heritage Wheat like the Country Wheat.

You can choose to get a Country Spelt, Country Einkorn or Country Emmer as your 2nd Loaf

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Uses locally sourced ingredients

Weekly Special!

Lead Time: 4 to 7 days from the time the order is placed.

Please Note: This product was made in a private home not subject to state license or inspection.

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Grain Option

Spelt, Einkorn, Emmer


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